Wheel alignment FAQs

01 May 2020 / raj@smarter-media.co.uk

You may find yourself wondering what wheel alignment is all about. Here are some of our top wheel alignment FAQs to help you!

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment, or tracking, is when the position of the vehicle’s wheels are adjusted to make sure the tyres are not getting dragged, causing them to wear down, and to make sure they fit in line with the vehicle manufacturer specifications. Wheel alignment should improve the comfort, performance and safety of the vehicle and it is an essential part of vehicle maintenance.

What causes wheel misalignment?

Your wheels can commonly become misaligned due to hitting a pothole in the road or a curb. However, your wheels can also naturally misalign over time, especially with excessive driving, which is why it’s important to get your vehicle checked regularly. Misaligned wheels can cause not only extra tyre wear but also result in higher fuel consumption.

How can you tell if your wheels are misaligned?

Any sudden impact could cause your wheels to become misaligned, and you’ll be able to notice if this is the case because your tyres will start wearing out quickly, and the vehicle will start to pull to the left or right as you drive straight on. Some other symptoms of wheel misalignment that mean you should get your vehicle checked:

  • Your steering wheel vibrates or you have to hold on to drive straight
  • You get a feeling of wandering or looseness when driving
  • When driving straight, your vehicle is off centre
  • You notice uneven tyre wear
  • You notice your tyres are making a squealing noise

Here at Automax, we offer a wheel alignment service using the latest Hofmann 3D system! Completed conducted by our professional technicians, our wheel alignment service will ensure your tyres are precisely and perfectly aligned. Contact us today for more information!