Wheel Alignment in Swindon

Need to get your wheels re-aligned? Automax in Swindon can help

Wheel alignment, which is often referred to as tracking, should be part of standard vehicle maintenance procedures. Wheel Alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the vehicle manufacturer specifications. These adjustments are to reduce tyre wear, to ensure that vehicle travel is straight and true (without "pulling" to one side) and improve fuel efficiency.

At Automax our latest Hofmann 3D wheel alignment in Swindon allows our highly trained technicians to perform the most precise wheel alignment on all types of cars and small vans. This is done by using 2 cameras in a 3D image to perform measurements for each wheel.

Swindon wheel alignment

Your wheel alignment can become misaligned by hitting potholes, hitting the kerb or by excessive wear to steering or suspension components. Misaligned wheels can cause excessive wear to your tyres, an increase in fuel consumption and an uncomfortable ride. Some indicators that you may be suffering from poor wheel alignment are:

  • Your vehicle pulling to the left or right
  • Uneven or rapid tyre wear
  • Your steering wheel isn’t straight when driving in a straight line
  • Squealing tyres

If you require Motorsport or off-road applications that call for angles to be adjusted well beyond "normal" Then Automax are able to carry out that task.

If you have any questions about our wheel alignment options please call Automax in Swindon on 01793 979034 or complete our Contact form.