What is Car Remapping?

06 July 2020 / raj@smarter-media.co.uk

We all want to get the best out of anything. We want to wear the best clothes, eat the best food or shop at the best stores. The same is true when it comes to our car.

When it comes to our car, we want to get the best model that our money can buy. We want to get more power out of it. We want better fuel efficiency.

With this in mind, you might be wondering how you can harness the maximum capacity of your vehicle. One way of accomplishing this is by having your car remapped by a reliable car technician.

What is car remapping? It is a careful and methodical process of adjusting your engine control unit or ECU. In simple words, it is like fine-tuning your vehicle to improve its engine performance, power and torque.

The engine control unit was first introduced in the 70s but it was only in the 90s when car remapping was made accessible for car owners and enthusiasts. A car engine is made up of numerous sensors that monitor specific engine functions like crank positions, throttle, fuel injection, and airflow.

The sensors will send the signals to the engine control unit. The engine control unit will process the information that was relayed then use that information to give the best vehicle performance no matter what driving conditions you are in.

During car remapping, no hardware is being fixed or changed. Only the vehicle software is being adjusted. The process happens in stages which usually takes around an hour or more: the length of time depends on the capacity of your car's engine control unit. Each stage can offer an increase in vehicle power output but with each improvement of car power, further car modifications must be undertaken as well.

What are the benefits of car remapping?

Whenever you buy a car, it comes installed with the basic software that will allow the engine to function with its bear minimum. By the time you begin to fiddle your engine control unit with your trusted automotive expert, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your car's power, fuel efficiency, responsiveness and overall performance. The increase in power will depend on your engine's capacity.

If you are someone who is interested in the tuning and performance of your car, you should be aware that car remapping would mean you will have better throttle response, wider torque curve, decreased turbo lag and a more exciting car to drive with. As car remapping removes unnecessary engine restrictions, your car's performance is drastically improved even without modifying your injectors, intercoolers, or exhausts.

What are the different stages of car remapping?

Basically, there are 3 stages. Let us take a closer look.

Stage 1. This is the stage that is designed specifically for your car. If you want to get standard or moderate improvements on your engine performance without needing extra, this is the stage where you will get your car's full potential.

Stage 2. This stage will use the improvements made in stage 1 and further improve it. Aside from doing the remap, specific modifications have to go along with it; induction kits, bigger intercooler, better exhaust system and turbos.

Stage 3. This is the ultimate stage. This is the stage when your car will receive the most improved power and performance. In other words, this is the stage where you will experience your car at its fullest potential.

It is also worth taking note that stage 3 may not be appropriate for day to day cars because the improvements on stage 3 are usually suited for track cars.

Will car remapping affect my warranty?

Because car remapping involves the installation of software that is rarely written by your car manufacturer, it is very likely that your warranty will be void. On the car manufacturer's end, it is not their intention to push your car engine's performance beyond its limits because of safety purposes.

If something goes wrong during the car remapping, you could end up having an engine rebuild which would be costly on your end. This is why you should only work with tried-and-tested and trustworthy automotive experts.

How can I choose the best garage for car remapping?

We understand that finding the best garage is a challenge but it is not an impossible feat. You just need to have a list of standards and hold true to it.

To help you find the best car mechanics in Swindon and the surrounding areas, here are some of the things that you should take note of.

Years of experience. Make sure that the car garage has many years of experience in the motor trade. They should be able to provide a very high level of service.

Services available. Aside from car remapping, the car garage must be able to provide other services which are essential in keeping your car in tip-top shape. Here are some of the services that they should offer.

  • vehicle service

  • vehicle repair

  • MOT

  • Diesel systems

  • Injector pulling

  • ECU remapping

  • Advanced diagnosis

  • 3D Wheel alignment

  • Replacement tyres

  • DPF filters solutions

  • Air condition service and repairs

  • Tyre fitting

Client Satisfaction and Testimonials. The car garage should have a team of experienced technicians with a passion for the automotive world. They should be keen on providing excellent service, where customer satisfaction takes first place! If possible, look for reviews about the car garage and see if they are rated well.

Convenience. The car garage should be reachable in many ways possible. Aside from calling them on the phone, sending them an email or physically visiting their site, they must be able to allow their customers to book their services online.

If you still have something in your mind that needs clarification or you need to personally hear a piece of advice from an expert, talk to Automax today! They are the remapping, servicing, repairs and tyres specialists in Swindon and the surrounding areas. They can be reached through 01793 979 034 or office@automax-group.co.uk!