The future of driving: what to expect in the next decade

20 December 2019 /

As we prepare to drive into a brand-new decade, our thoughts begin to turn to the future and all the possibilities it holds. So what might be in store for the automotive world during the 2020s and beyond?

We take a look at some of the exciting new innovations that are set to shape the future of driving:

Self-driving vehicles

There may already be autonomous cars on the roads, but the functionality is still relatively limited and the driver still needs to have overall control of the vehicle. But technology is paving the way for a whole new generation of self-driving cars, where the system has the ability to take over completely.

This means future cars could even be kitted out with beds so you can get some rest while the car steers itself towards your destination! However, although fully autonomous cars have been built and are being tested, their AI systems must prove they can think and react like a human brain before they are safe enough to be used on the roads.

Mind-reading cars

Back in 2018, Nissan gave the world a preview of its Brain-to-Vehicle technology, which measures brainwave activity to help make your driving experience more enjoyable. It works by sensing when the driver is starting to show signs of discomfort and anticipates what their next action might be.

The system can then initiate that action - like pressing the brake or accelerator - to help make the journey smoother.

Cars that fly

Roads in the air might seem like something out of an 80s sci-fi movie, but flying electric cars really are being developed. A patented drone-like vehicle called the ‘Pop.Up Next’, was unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Car Show. It's been designed so you can even transfer to your flying car directly from an aircraft!