High quality vs low quality tyres

19 February 2020 / raj@smarter-media.co.uk

If you’re about to buy new tyres for your vehicle, you may be wondering which ones to purchase. There are thousands of different tyres to choose from and an array of brands available, from high-end manufacturers like Bridgestone and Pirelli to cheaper alternatives such as Autogreen and Hankook.   

While the low price of some budget tyre brands may be enticing, it’s a good idea to swot up on the differences between high-quality and low-quality tyres before making your decision. 

What’s the difference between high and low-quality tyres?

  Aside from the price, the biggest difference between high and low-quality tyres is how well the tyres will perform. Budget tyres typically feature lower-quality materials and are designed for low mileage driving in mild weather.   

In contrast, premium tyres will be manufactured using high-quality rubber, will feature the latest technology and will likely be optimised for a certain type of driving, for example, high-speed driving or driving in wintry conditions.   

Another important consideration when selecting your tyres is fuel consumption. Choosing a better quality tyre will impact how long your tyres will last, and how much fuel you use when driving. If you’re more concerned with the economy, trading up will save you some money in the long run.   

Finally, you’ll want to think about the type of vehicle you drive when choosing your tyres. If you’re lucky enough to drive a top of the range sports car, chances are budget tyres won’t be right for you. That said, there’s no point in selecting luxury tyres for your three door run-around.  

Tyre fitting

  Whichever tyre you choose for your vehicle, make sure it is fitted by an expert. Incorrectly fitted tyres will have a huge impact on fuel consumption, the vehicle itself, and how long the tyres will last, not to mention a safety risk. Shop around to find a garage that offers quality tyre fitting by experienced professionals.  

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