Is your car ready for the winter?

26 October 2019 /

Winter is coming - so it's time to make sure your car is prepped for the colder months. Take a look at the winter driving checklist below and make sure you can still get from A to B when the temperature drops. 


Make sure your tyres are up to scratch - ensure you have a good tread depth for grip in challenging weather, ensure your pressure is correct, and if you're in a rural area, consider winter tyres to avoid getting caught out in snowy situations. 


Servicing keeps your car ticking over and reduces the chance of breakdown - make sure to service your car when it's due, to avoid being caught out in the cold this winter. 


Make sure to check your battery is in good shape - winter means you're using your lights and other electrical components more regularly, as well as exposing your battery to colder temperatures. A good battery is a winter essential. 

Faults and warning lights 

Getting stuck out in the cold winter weather is something you really want to avoid - so make sure you diagnose any warning lights or faults that crop up as soon as they occur.


As the colder months roll in, the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Pretty soon, you'll be heading off to work in the dark, and driving back in it, too. There's no more important time than winter to make sure your lights are in tip-top condition, so check their brightness and make sure they're functioning properly. Getting caught out in winter is a dangerous situation - temperatures can drop and lighting levels can leave you vulnerable at the roadside. Make sure to keep a winter breakdown kit on board and get any faults or concerns taken care of as soon as possible. 
If you need some help getting your car ready for winter, take a look at our services or contact a member of the Automax team.